The Early Years Framework sets out a broad set of principles and practices to provide a strong and holistic foundation for children aged 3 years and below. This Framework embraces a broad vision of centre-based quality in the following aspects:

  • Children being secure, confident, safe and healthy
  • Children being involved, engaged and enquiring
  • Centre, Families and the Community Connecting and Relating

5 Key Pillars of Early Years Framework

The Developing Child

Forming secure and trusting attachments and confidence with nurturing adults.

The Intentional Programme

Generating culturally and developmentally appropriate opportunities for children’s holistic development and learning in a safe and healthy environment.

The Professional Educarer

Adhering to professional standards and ethics and engaging in reflective practices and continuous professional development.

The Involved Family

Involving families as partners in the care, development, and education of children.

The Engaged Community

The Engaged Community

Engaging the community and harnessing their resources to support children’s learning.

Sunshine Kids adopts the Nurturing Early Learners Framework set out by the Ministry of Education. This provides a set of principles and practices to guide, plan and implement developmentally appropriate activities for children aged 4 to 6 years old.

Principles of Teaching and Learning


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